Weekly Update

The Samoset Council Office is currently closed until further notice.  Staff are working remotely to provide support to Scouting.  You can reach a member of our customer service team by calling 715-355-1450.   

Samoset COVID-19 Update

Samoset Scouting continues to operate in virtual capacity following Wisconsin and CDC guidelines.  As the state begins to re-open the following items are still in place.  As this is an evolving situation, this information is subject to change. We will continue to update you on relevant developments, and we appreciate your understanding of any necessary adjustments in the interest of health and safety.

  • The Samoset Office is still closed. Staff are working remotely to provide support to Scouting. You can reach a member of our customer service team by calling 715-355-1450.
  • In-person meetings, activities, and camps should not take place until you hear otherwise.
  • All council camps are closed at least through June. We have made the decision to delay the opening of our summer camp program until July 5.
  • There are many Scouting activities that can happen at home, particularly advancement work. We encourage creativity in providing online and remote meeting/learning opportunities. Visit our Scouting at Home page for more information.

The latest updates can be found here.

Scouting at Home Resources

In times of crisis, Scouts find a way to adapt. Although our lives may look a little different, Scouting can and should continue even if we cannot hold in-person meetings. Please visit our Scouting at Home page for the latest ideas, resources, and fun ways to keep Scouting!

May 17-23

  • Post your picture that focuses on "In Memory of our Veterans" using the hashtag #SmileysHonor. You can post pictures of flags or posters in your yard or windows, driveway art, or photos honoring veteran family members. 
  • Monday, May 25 at 3:00 PM - Join us live on the Samoset Council Facebook Page for scouts playing Taps for the National Moment of Remembrance. If you want to be featured, upload you playing Taps here.

Cub Scout Projects

The flyers below contain more ideas to keep on Scouting at home.  All families should check these out!

May Roundtable Update

A virtual roundtable for all Scouting leaders was held on Thursday May 7.  The program featured presentations for our fall membership campaign.  Check out the resources below.

Spring Camporee 2020

Although units have cancelled campouts and weekend activities, that doesn’t mean Scouting has to stop. All families should participate in our spring camporee program by creating a campsite in your backyard.  Camporee Flyer (PDF).

  • Camp in your backyard. Set up your tent and sleep over night.
  • As a family, prepare one meal outdoors.
  • Demonstrate a Scout skill you recently learned or use your Scout book to learn a new one (map and compass, pitching a tent, basic first aid, knot tying)
  • Take a hike around your yard.
  • Make a camp gadget (Tri-pod, table, flag pole)
  • Submit photos of your camporee to smiley@samoset.org.

To count for camping nights and rank advancement, unit approval is required. Troops and packs should coordinate a date to allow for video chats during your event.

Webelos to Scouts BSA

Webelos to Scout transition is one of the most crucial elements of Samoset’s membership retention. This is an important time, and a huge step for the youth. While there is typically some expected drop off, we are aiming for 55% of youth to crossover this year. Currently we are at 37%.  If you are struggling with crossover due to the current circumstance, please reach out to your unit service executive and they will aid in the process. Some of the best digital mediums to use for virtual crossovers are Zoom, Webex, and Skype. 

Youth applications can be mailed to: Samoset Council, Boy Scouts of America (3511 Camp Phillips Rd, Weston WI 54476) or faxed to 715-355-9849.  Emailing applications is also an option (support@samoset.org). If you are unsure how to email an encrypted document, our staff will be happy to assist you (715-355-1450). The transition process should be completed from Pack to Troop by May. This stage of our advancement is absolutely critical to ensure the continual growth and success of youth within Scouting. Please ensure that this step is a priority to your unit.

If you need a youth application, they can be printed at: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/524-406.pdf

FOS Live Stream

You are invited to join us for a live steaming event on Wednesday May 20 at 7:30 AM to see firsthand how Scouting is developing and preparing youth in North Central Wisconsin.  This event will feature local adult volunteers, local youth and a sneak peak into the preparations being made into our highly anticipated summer camp season!  Join us to discover what you can do to ensure youth continue to be impacted across North Central Wisconsin!

Register for FOS Live Stream (Zoom Meeting)

Scouting Magazine

For 107 of those years, Scouting magazine has been the flagship publication for adults of the BSA. It’s no secret our movement is going through some interesting times. Changes are always being made, all with the common goal of better serving our mission.  You’ll notice a change in Scouting magazine as well. Instead of this magazine being delivered to you five times a year, you will get almost instantaneous access to the content online.  

Learn More here!