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Scouts BSA Spring Camporee - What, Camping Again?

We are hoping to have a full weekend camporee from May 21st-23rd in the Stevens Point area for all Troops to attend. The question will be based on recommendations from our Safety Committee to stay overnight. Right now, it looks like it's a go! With the warmer weather and pushing this later than we usually do, we are able to do tent camping, or under the stars.

Stay tuned to our next Smiley News for more updates! 

Spring Work Trek 2021 (May 1st or May 8th)

Please join us for a weekend (OR DAY) of fellowship & service. We will be preparing camp for the upcoming summer. Entire units, parts of units or individuals are welcome to stay in an assigned campsite for free or come for the day. Anyone who participates in the service will be served two meals on Saturday. A breakfast (if chosen) and a lunch.  Units staying the weekend will need to provide their own meals for Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast.  All units staying must also provide individual tenting for each person unless staying as a family.

This is a great weekend of fellowship & service and also allows you to take part and pride in the great places of Tesomas, Akela's World & Hanna Venture Base.

Please register online at under the calendar section.  No one may attend this event without preregistering in keeping with our COVID precautions. If you have a specific campsite your unit would like to have please email Elvis Bauman directly at  All others will be assigned a campsite to keep with social distancing practices.

Those requiring a special needs cabin need to also contact Elvis Bauman directly.

**We ask all units to please bring rakes if at all possible this year.  Due to Covid social distancing most projects will be assigned in advance.  If you would like to help in other areas that are not just area and campsite cleaning please contact Elvis Bauman directly at**

**All units please check-in at the Hanna Venture Base upon arrival**


Camp Tesomas is Looking for you! 

Tesomas is still looking for applicants for a High-Risk Program Area. If you know anyone that would be interested in working in our MicroTrek area, please have them send an email to or direct them to to fill out an application.

Interests and/or certifications in COPE & Climbing, Shooting Sports or Lifeguarding would be preferred but not required as on the job training is available. They would need to report to camp on June 13th for staff training and be available until August 8th.

Wilderness First Aid 2021

Being held April 30 through May 1st. at Hanna Venture Base.  Register online Wilderness First Aid

Cost: $35 for First aid/CPR and $90 for Wilderness First Aid

The American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid is a good, basic course in backcountry emergency response for those who live, work, or play in remote areas. The course is for anyone who participates in activities away from traditional EMS service – when there may be a significant delay in the notification of outside assistance, the time requires for definitive care to get to the victim, or moving the victim to more advanced treatment.

This course will include CPR & first aid instruction for those who need it (additional cost does apply). It’s recommended that participants have current CPR and First Aid certificates.

Many of the activities will be outdoors – dress for the weather. Also wear old clothing as the scenarios will be made to be as realistic as possible.


Friends of Scouting Giving Campaign

The Samoset staff and volunteers have made amazing progress towards reaching our annual Friends of Scouting campaign goal. The Samoset Council has raised $101,314 which is 41% to our goal of $244,000! The Friends of Scouting annual giving campaign is crucial to the success of the Samoset Council and to the continuation of exceptional youth programming for all families. If you are member of a Troop, Pack, Crew, or Ship and have not scheduled your Friends of Scouting presentation with your Unit Serving Executive please do so as soon as possible. If you are interested in supporting Scouting in your local community please visit or text Smiley to 71777. We are so grateful for your kindness and giving spirit!

Be Prepared for Camping. Things to know.

Be Prepared, well that is one thing we know about.  Camping is another thing we know about.  Now put the two together.

For Troops and Crews, camping is the primary source of adventure.  There are many different ways to camp, be it in a park, at a camp or in the wilderness. Each is unique and has some specific aspects to follow.  Let us just look at the basics for now.  You can always check your Handbook and Fieldbook for more information.

  • On the top of the list during this COVID situation is face coverings at all times and sanitation of self, hands, and any equipment.  Do that personal temperature check before you start out.
  • Tent camping is suggested with a twist. One to a tent unless you are youth or adults from the same household. YPT guidelines.  Hammocks would be a good idea and a cool way to get a good nights sleep just swaying in the breeze. Just follow the hammock camping guidance with the guide to Safe Scouting.
  • Meal Prep, try to prepare what you can ahead of the campout so during the campout you only have to cook it.  The less cutting, mixing, stirring the less chance of contamination, and the less hands touching the food.  If you pre-bag items you can create individual portions. Large group dishes are discouraged during thie COVID era.
  • Weather, weather everywhere.  Here is the Be prepared part.  I remember attending a Spring Camporee and it was crazy.  On Friday it was in the 80’s and the Scouts came to campout like it was July, ( it was April), and set up their tents and went to sleep.  The next morning as I and the leaders of our troop enjoyed our coffee, we wondered which Scouts brought boots, hats, gloves because we got 4 inches of snow overnight.  You guessed it, not one had these items and they definitley didn't have long pants.  Always remember you are in Wisconsin and the weather changes faster then a firefighter heading out on a call.

Best idea is to study your handbook on camping and packing and always,  always plan for the worst, so you can have your ‘best’ adventure.

Scouting for Food

There are many families across our council that are struggling to put food on the table and as Scouts it is our duty to help others in need and do a good turn daily. That is the reason that the Samoset Council participates in the Scouting for Food Drive every year. Scouting for Food takes place on two consecutive weekends. On the first weekend, Scouts distribute bags and/or door hangers to let their neighbors know about the drive. On the second, Scouts revisit those houses to pick up bags full of canned food, cereal, pasta, peanut butter, juice, and other nonperishable items.
This year the date for distributing doorhangers is April 10th, 2021 and the day for food pick up will be April 17th, 2021.

The Unit Serving Executives at the Samoset Council will work with the Units to coordinate food drop off at local food pantries, coordinate which neighborhoods your Unit will be responsible for, and work to distribute the doorhangers. Please share this information with local newspapers, news stations, Chamber of Commerce, and community event calendars. The more awareness of the event the more food that can be collected for families in need. For more information on the event and for COVID safety guidelines please visit our website:

Service Hours

Did you know that you can log all of your service hours directly through Scoutbook? You can! Also, did you know that your service hours help us secure funding and grants that allow us to continue to provide amazing programs and opportunities for the youth in our service area? Service hours are also a part of the council JTE. These hours are a vital part of Scouting. We rely on our units to complete this step of unit service as the council is no longer able to enter hours for the units. Entering hours is done through Scoutbook using the quick entry and picking “enter activity logs”.  It will open another browser that will take you to Internet Advancement 2.0. Look for activities, then the “+” button. From there you will be able to add all the information needed. Any questions? Please email

COVID-19 Update

On March 4 the council COVID Task Force met to discuss current safety protocols pertaining to council operations.

The task force made the recommendation that the council should continue to stay the course and keep current restrictions in place through the end of March. The task force will revisit the issue at the end of March to determine if restrictions can be lifted.


As such council camp building reservations or use of meeting rooms at WHSC will continue to not be allowed by Scout units or community groups through at least March 31, 2021.  The Wausau Homes Scout Center will remain open for the Scout Shop, distance learning programs, and office functions by appointment or curbside service only.  Special Note: The Scout Office & Scout Shop will be closed Friday, April 2 in observance of Good Friday.

As the weather warms Scout unit leaders are encouraged to plan outside activities following social distancing guidelines.  Our risk management committee has set guidance on outings that 10 or less participants are possible indoors and outdoors up to the discretion of the registered adult leader in cooperation with the unit committee and parents of Scouts. Units who are uncomfortable in small group in-person meetings, or unable to meet the guidelines are still encouraged to meet virtually.

If you have questions about Samoset COVID19 policies, you can reach out to Mike Vangelov at 715-355-1450 or go to

Camp Reservations

Reservation requests for the 2022 summer camp season will open on April 1, 2021 for Scouts BSA at Tesomas Scout Camp and Cub Scouts at Akela’s World. Look for the reservation link on the council website soon. Your online request will be time stamped, and you will be notified later this summer on the requested date for the reservation and your campsite selection. A non-refundable reservation deposit will be required at the time of your submission.

University of Scouting

We are excited to invite you to participate “virtually” with University of Scouting! The event will be hosted by the Northern Star Council and will take place on Saturday, April 17, 2021. The University of Scouting provides a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and meet other Scouters, we are certain you will find interesting classes and new resources to make you more successful in whatever volunteer roll you serve. 

This one-day supplemental training event was created for all Cub Scout, Scouts BSA, Venturing leaders, regardless of experience. Over 75 classes will be offered via the convenience of Zoom. Every Scout deserves a trained leader.

Cost is only $10, must register ONLINE by April 14, 2021.  To learn more about classes and schedule and to register online please visit the following site: