Council Program Fee

Families today have many options, but only Scouting provides a safe and fun atmosphere with exhilarating activities that create confidence, build teamwork and leadership skills, and make new friends that last a lifetime.  A program where a child can be a child all while being mentored by trained and caring adults to help them prepare for life.

As we look towards the future of Scouting, the Samoset Council is committed to providing a safe and cost-effective Scouting experience.

In July, the Samoset Executive Board approved a Council program fee to be implemented on October 1, 2023 to replace the annual Family FOS traditional unit presentation campaign.  A small task force of volunteers from each of the five newly established Scout districts reviewed National BSA membership fees, Family FOS history, and other factors to determine the impact to unit and council operations and made a recommendation to the Samoset Executive Board.

The Samoset Council has worked tirelessly to keep the cost of Scouting as low as possible for our families.  Year after year, our council has subsidized rising costs such as the National BSA new youth member joining fee that was implemented three years ago. There is also tremendous staff time and resources related to the annual Family Friends of Scouting (FOS) traditional unit presentations. The average size gift per Family FOS donor has decreased over the last several years, and fluctuations in the amount of funds raised make it difficult to budget. Having a predictable budget enables Samoset Council to have consistent programs and high-quality full-time staff.  Please note some limited fundraising with families will be conducted.

Council Program Fee Effective October 1, 2023

  • $28/year youth
  • $28/year adult

The delayed effective date of October 1 is purposeful in order to allow Scout unit leaders to communicate with their current and new families to plan for the change.  Any member that joins a unit between August 1 and September 30th will NOT be charged the Council Program Fee yet will still get the below benefits on January 1, 2024.

Key Benefits Include* (beginning January 1, 2024):

  • Free Tent Camping - Camp Phillips, Four Mile, Flambeau Canoe Base, and CLSR during non-resident camping months.
  • Free Scouts BSA Merit Badge Clinics hosted by the council or district.  Merit Badge Workshops (day events) at our camps will have reduced costs to attend.  Some clinics may have a fee based on supplies required.
  • Free Cub Scout District Pinewood Derby (one per year).
  • Free Cub Scout District “Cub-A-Rama” Belt loops & Adventures workshop (one per year).  Some events may have a fee based on facility and supplies required.
  • Free in-person council or district hosted training for registered leaders (excludes Wood Badge).
  • Free adult leader recognition (knots & certificates)
  • Family FOS unit presentations will NOT be conducted in 2024 & beyond.  However, some limited fundraising with families will be conducted by in-person individual visits or letter campaigns.

*Registering within a two-week window prior to the event day will incur a $10 fee.

Registration Assistance:

Families that need financial assistance are welcome to apply for National BSA membership fee, Samoset Council program fee, Scout Handbook, and Scout uniform assistance.  We don’t want cost to be a barrier for any family.  Go to to complete a financial assistance form.  As a Scout unit leader, please be sensitive to family budgets and the dignity of families that may need financial assistance.  In addition, unit money earning opportunities (i.e., popcorn sale) should be part of a plan for Scouts to earn their own way.


National Registration Fee - August 1, 2023 Update

The new Yearly Membership plan for the Boy Scouts of America began August 1st with a change from a prorated fee to a renewable annual membership. All new members and current members renewing will be a 12-month membership and their renewal month will be the anniversary date of joining (or renewing if they were already members). 

Charter renewal will remain the same through the December 2023 recharter cycle and then, in March 2024 the unit renewal changes will be implemented.


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