Council & District Operations - March 2017

Evaluation of Council & District Operations
How do we provide the best service and support to every unit?

For the past six-months we have been surveying and meeting with volunteers to talk about how the Samoset Council can most effectively serve volunteers at the unit level.  The responses and the discussions have been very informative. We have received a wide variety of input regarding various areas of our operation.  The input is summarized by the key areas listed below.

Key Areas to Address (In no particular order):

  • District Volunteers (need more, hard to recruit, need better training, core is aging)
  • Commissioner Service is not working (from anyone’s perspective)
  • Communication – outward (public awareness)
  • Communication – inward (volunteers don’t know what’s going on)
  • Role of District Executive* (what is it?, it’s grown too large)
  • Roundtable – very important but quality has been declining for years (travel is an issue)
  • Unit volunteers (more training, onboarding, succession planning, need more parents to engage)
  • Basic training at all levels (availability & participation)
  • Recruiting new youth in all programs (not just Cub Scouts)
What, if anything, is missing from this list?
Would you remove anything from this list?
What are the three most important areas to address?
(choose up to three)

How would you address these issues?
We would love your thoughts on how to address any of the issues listed above or others.

The Path Forward

As we move forward we remain committed to the highest level of service to our volunteers at the unit level.  We recognize the most important Scouting experience is the experience a young person has when they show up to their unit meetings on a regular basis.  As we consider different models for council and district operations, the path we choose going forward will be the path that most effectively helps us achieve these five objectives:

  1. Maximize support of volunteers at the unit level.
  2. Attract and engage new volunteers at all levels of the organization.
  3. Build strong relationships with staff and volunteers.
  4. Match staff and volunteers to key areas of operations based on passion and skill set.
  5. Improve outward and inward communication throughout the council.

How can we organize our districts and our council to most effectively serve unit volunteers?
As we move forward are we focussed on the right objectives? What would you change, if anything? Why?
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